Warri: There Was A City

    Growing up in Warri was a beautiful thing to behold. I was born in the city and I’ve seen the high and low of the cosmopolitan city. During my childhood days i remembered asking my father to tell me the kind of car that was making such a loud noise at night. The horn was so loud. I think it wasn’t just an ordinary car, but something bigger, maybe a heavy duty truck.He smiled and told me that the sound wasn’t that of a car,but a ship.I was curious, because I haven’t seen a ship. _Why always at night? Why was the horn so loud? Where is the ship going to?_ I can’t remember the answers he gave to me, but I was a bit satisfied.

    Growing up, I later discovered that, that was the booming days of the city. The port was working. Ships were bringing goods. Westminister Company, Globestar and other companies were working.Though I was little, I could see people moving at night, enjoying themselves and going about their businesses. Today the city has become a shadow of itself. The sound of ships are no more, many of the companies left with few still standing. Night life is gone. The city sleeps by 10pm and wakes by 6am, this isn’t how a promising mega city should be. Ease of doing business is getting tough with troubles from communities and other bodies. _In Chinua Achebe’s voice, there was a country, in my own voice, there was a city._
    If the city is to get back its glory, then the people need to speak up and march their demands with actions. There is a government-problem and people-problem working hand-in-hand against the progress of the city. The people and the government need to come together and have a rethink on how to build the city and make it enviable for investors and for all. The city is in dire need for progress and it begins with all well thinkers.

    Michael Effiong, a
    media personality with Kpoko FM Warri.
    Social/Political Commentator. He can be reached via effiongmike1@gmail.com.

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