By: Bayagbon Daniel

If the crux of a responsive government is to anchor its policies, strategies, programmes, activities and resources on the needs and aspirations of its people, then Governor Sheriff Oborewori has already broken the jinx of effective governance that has eluded most Deltans, especially the youth population.

One of the imperatives of any good government is to understand its people and their aspirations and be ready to make necessary adjustments to meet those aspirations.

It was on this premise and in his quest to delivering the MORE agenda mantra and as part of his efforts to fulfill his promise to the youths, that Governor Sheriff Oborevwori made the bold shift from just appointing youths as SAs and SSAs to making them key players in the decision making process of his administration.

Constituting a State Executive Council (SEC) with over 40 percent youths is a history making milestone for any government in Nigeria since it’s return to Democracy in 1999.

Governor Oborewori’s decision is very intentional of making all Deltans especially the teeming youths feel the impact of governance and to ensuring that they have a sense of belonging in his administration.

Recalled that during the 2023 electioneering campaign for the Governorship position of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborewori endeared himself into the hearts of Deltans after unveiling his MORE agenda for Deltans and his plans for its youths.

Governor Sheriff Oborewori was able to garner the support of Delta Youths, who bought into his agenda and worked tirelessly to see his aspiration to govern the state actualized. Delta youths merged themselves into various pressure groups and aligned with Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to ensure his resounding victory at the governorship poll.

The youths played pivotal role in mobilizing support for His Excellency the Governor of Delta State; They were not only seen, they were loudly heard throughout the election circle both online, the mainstream media and on ground.

Therefore, when Governor Sheriff Oborewori decided to incorporate the youths into the State Cabinet it was not out of sympathy but was just ‘walking the Talk’.

The inclusion of the youths on the day to day affairs of the state cannot be overemphasized, because it becomes easier for young Deltans to welcome and key into the MORE agenda, as they are now fully connected to the government through their peers in the State Executive Council.

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has set a goal to be achieve which is embedded in the M.O.R.E agenda promises to the people of the Delta State. Few months into his administration, the vast majority of Deltans are already beginning to see through Governor Sheriff Oborevwori and his action of doing MORE for them.

There is absolutely no better way to start governance at the beginning, giving young Deltans the opportunity to serve, to access and bring in their vigour and intelligence to bare, to making sure that the M.O.R.E agenda promised Deltans is actualized and visible.

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, did not campaign in poetry, he will not be governing in prose either, he does what he says he will do, he will surely walk his talk.

Gov Sheriff Oborevwori; The talk and do governor.

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