Dynamic Leadership Unveils Renewed Vision For State Orientation Bureau Under Oghenesivbe …Calls For Preparedness And Harmonious Engagements, Sensitization Of The People

On November 27, 2023, Dr. Wilfred Latimore Oghenesivbe, Esq, the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Orientation and Communications, orchestrated a pivotal meeting that signaled a revitalized mission for the State Orientation Bureau. With a keen focus on uniting efforts and igniting purpose, the session underscored the strategic imperative of achieving collective goals amidst societal challenges and advancing a comprehensive agenda for the state’s enrichment.

During this gathering, the new head of the Bureau, Dr. Latimore lauded the former Special Adviser on Orientation while championing collaborative harmony and the dissemination of impactful policies tailored to reach every echelon of society. His emphasis on addressing critical societal issues, fostering peaceful coexistence, and propelling holistic wealth creation underscored his commitment to transforming mindsets and fortifying the state’s future.

The meeting’s resounding call for preparedness and harmonious engagement echoed a promise of revitalized vigor in executing sensitization and orientation activities, aligning efforts with allied governmental bodies and departments to amplify societal impact.

The State Director of Orientation, and the esteemed Permanent Secretary of the Bureau, articulated their gratitude, affirming the reinvigoration prompted by Dr. Latimore’s tenureā€”an auspicious sign heralding a new era of progress and purpose-driven initiative.

This milestone meeting serves as a cornerstone for fortified collaboration, underscoring a renewed trajectory for the State Orientation Bureau as it embarks on a journey of strategic alignment and targeted impact.

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