Man Name’s Child After Governor Sheriff Oborevwori

Man Name’s Child After Governor Sheriff Oborevwori


…..As Foundation Awards Scholarship To Him


In a remarkable gesture of honour and admiration for the Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, a staunch supporter of the governor, Mr. Samuel Okoro has named his son Sheriff after the esteemed Governor.


This act, according to Okoro was a heartfelt tribute to Governor Oborevwori, whose commendable work and dedication to public service had inspired him (Okoro) so profoundly and rode his bicycle all the way from Damaturu, Yobe State, to visit the Governor upon his inauguration.


The naming ceremony which took place in the Orhuwhorun community was chaired by the Convener of Integrity Group of Delta state, Dr. Oke Idawene who described the Integrity Group as a respected organization dedicated to supporting and promoting good governance.


“As Ambassadors of the MORE Agenda of the Governor, the group came to honor and extend their congratulations and best wishes to the newborn, baby Sheriff.”


While expressing gratitude to Mr. Okoro for his love for governor Sheriff Oborevwori, Dr. Idawene stated that Integrity Group of Delta State is more than just a movement; it is an agenda committed to fostering good governance and societal growth.


He said as part of the You Matter Charity Foundation Ambassadors, the group plays a pivotal role in propagating the exemplary works of the government, highlighting initiatives that benefit the community and uplift the state’s citizens.


In a testament to Governor Oborevwori’s unwavering commitment to education and development, the Integrity Group of Delta state through ‘Oke Idawene Foundation’  has announced the awarding of scholarships to the newborn and several other children in the community.


These scholarships, which cover education from primary school through university, are a powerful endorsement of the Governor’s vision for a brighter future for the state’s youth and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.


The event was graced by the presence of some directors of Integrity Group and several local government councillorship candidates in the forthcoming LG elections in the state, including: Apostle Bethel Abemrere, Director of Religious Matters, Elder Anthony Omere, Director of Planning and Strategies, Mrs. Akatakpo Victoria, Deputy Director of Welfare


Others are; ThankGod Agolokigho, Councilorship candidate of Ward 16, Mrs. Roseline Efevwerhan, Councilorship candidate of Ward 17, Efete Rawe Okolosi, PDP Ward 9 Chairman, Mr. Friday Okoro, Ekrabe Secretary of Orhuwhorun Community among others.


“Community members also attended in large numbers, filling the atmosphere with joy and celebration. Their presence added to the warmth and enthusiasm of the occasion, reflecting the community’s shared happiness and pride in honoring both the newborn and the esteemed Governor.


“The collective presence of these dignitaries and community members underscored the unity and shared commitment to celebrating and supporting progressive governance and community welfare.


“This gathering not only celebrated a new life but also symbolized the enduring impact of Governor Oboriwori’s leadership and the far-reaching influence of his administration’s positive initiatives on the lives of the people in Delta State.”

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