Herdsmen Must Leave Urhoboland Immediately-UPU

The apex body of Urhoboland, Urhobo Progressive Union (UPU) Worldwide has demanded that herdsmen leave Urhoboland with immediate effect. The President-General made the call today when the UPU paid a condolence visit to Uwheru kingdom following the killings and attacks on Agadama, Avwon And Okugbe communities in the kingdom by suspected Fulani herdsmen on February 13th, 14th and 15th, this year, which led to the death of at least to indigenes.
Taiga Moses said the decision by body is in agreement with the Resolutions of the Uwheru Development Union (UDU) during its emergency meeting, which includes among others that killer Herdsmen must leave the length and breadth of Uwheru Kingdom immediately.
While condoling with the kingdom, he said, “I, particularly, offer my sincere condolences to the families of our people killed at Agadama, Avwon and Okugbe communities of Uwheru. We are here in solidarity with the entire people of Uwheru Kingdom, and more importantly to assure Uwheru People that you are not alone in this; the UPU and the Urhobo Nation are with you and share in your grief and pains.”
He said, “It is so heart-wrenching that this senseless massacre of defenceless citizens of the Urhobo Nation by suspected Fulani herdsmen took place without provocation, and while our sons were legitimately engaged on their farmlands, for food and subsistence. This is highly condemnable. Our ancestral lands, farms, forests and agricultural resources must be free from these hostile and vicious herdsmen. The continued presence of these killer herdsmen greatly hampers the productivity and profitability of our people and farmlands. The consequences of these on the peace, social cohesion, market stability, local economic survival and food security of the Urhobo Nation are negative and beyond comprehension.
He warned, “The lethal attacks and killings of our people by Fulani herdsmen in Uwheru and other communities in Urhoboland will no longer be tolerated. There shall be no room for foreign invaders in Urhoboland. The Urhobo Nation will never, ever surrender or cede an inch of her territory to any stranger. Enough is enough. These suspected killer Fulani herdsmen must be stopped.
“The UPU demands justice for the victims of these herdsmen killings. Those responsible for the killing of our people at Agadama, Avwon, Oreba and Okugbe Communities (Ogode, Owarovwo, Ophororo and Uritche) must not go unpunished. Impunity does not have a place in the Laws of Nigeria, Delta State and our Communities. The law must take its full course.
He further called on the Federal Government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari to muster the moral, political and constitutional will in stopping the heinous activities of killer herdsmen in Urhoboland. “The menace is a huge obstacle to the peace, unity and sovereignty of the Nigerian Nation. The Urhobo People are law-abiding, but our patience is fast waning. It is the duty of the Federal Government of Nigeria to protect the lives and property of every citizen of this great Nation. Mr. President must act now, lest anarchy will continue to reign.
Additionally, the UPU called on the Delta State House of Assembly to revisit and enact the anti-grazing law without delay, the military (Army in particular) and other security agencies to remain neutral and protect the lives of our people over unprovoked attacks and the Federal Government through her relevant agencies come to the aid of the victims of the dastardly attack.

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