Okowa Is Truly The Road Master, Eacgov Oghenesivbe Tells Delta APC. …Commends Delta PDP Spokesman, Osuoza For Articulating Facts About Okowa’s Achievements In Standard Road Infrastructure

Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Communications, Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, has again lampooned the various factions of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta State, over what he called “deliberate diversionary tactics” through frivolous allegations against Okowa administration, to coverup persistent infighting and politics of trade by barter, among leaders of multiple factions within the party.

The EACGOV in a statement titled, “Okowa Is Truly The Road Master,” and made available to newsmen in Asaba on Saturday 20th February 2021, disclosed that the pitiable internal petty squabbles and constant selfish struggles for prime positions and political relevance in the triangular Ogboru, Emerhor and DSP Agege factions is responsible for unfounded criticisms against Okowa administration, and laughable name calling which has become the stock in trade of the main opposition party.

Oghenesivbe posited that the monumental achievements of this administration in roads construction and rehabilitation, numbering over 200 roads in five years, and across the three senatorial districts, was ably commended by APC national government through the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo when he visited Delta State some years ago, and during that engagement officially recognized the Platinum Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, as “The Road Master.”

Okowa’s EAC, who is also a member of the International Communication Association, ICA, frowned at the unprofessional conduct of the factional propagandist of APC in the state, Sylvester Imonina Esq, describing him as a “quack publicist” who does not have regard for salient facts, and in the instant case, failed woefully to dig deep into the number of roads and quality of job done by contractors under this administration before issuing misleading and deceptive press statements.

He commended the intellectual capacity of the Chief Publicist of the Delta State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza, for clearly articulating the true state of affairs regarding the State Governor’s enviable achievements in roads construction and rehabilitation across the three senatorial districts, and the depth of job quality keenly supervised by COREN certified consultants and the workaholic Honourable Commissioner for Works, Chief James Augoye.

Osuoza in his masterpiece titled: “Governor Okowa Has Distinguished Himself In Infrastructure Delivery To Deltans,” took Imonina and Delta APC to the cleaners and clearly listed some of the standard road projects awarded, completed and commissioned by the governor.

Oghenesivbe disclosed that Imonina and his quarrelsome factional leaders ply the roads constructed and/or rehabilitated by this administration but still unscrupulously gathered strength to speak against what he and his leaders in Delta APC are enjoying on a daily basis, describing such negative attitude as politics without good conscience.

“It is on record for generations yet unborn that Delta APC lack effective and result oriented leadership since inception in the state, and since Prophet Jones Erue and his political cabal laid a weak and shaky foundation for the party. It is also on record that the party is founded on deceptive and kalokalo politics, as trade by barter became endemic within the rank and file of the party, and has badly infected the likes of Sylvester Imonina and his fellow APC amateur propagandists.

“It is on record that Okowa administration has been identified and officially recognised by APC national government as a pacesetter in roads infrastructure in the country, through the Vice President, which is why Imonina and his factional leaders must burry their heads in shame for trying to mislead the public by pretentiously crafting falsehood and unfounded criticisms designed to coverup the persistent infighting and lack of visionary leadership in Delta APC.

“Deltans are well informed politically and they know the genuine commitments of this administration in roads infrastructure, as clearly articulated by Dr Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza, for PDP Delta. The facts are not hidden, the roads are there for Deltans to see. PDP listed some of the standard roads constructed and/or rehabilitated across the state and their locations. Imonina and his quarrelsome factional leaders must of a necessity tour the roads and retract their misleading publication.

“APC Delta factional amateur Publicist is hereby advised to find quality time to read Osuoza’s masterpiece response to his falsehood against the platinum Governor and the state government, and thereafter take it upon himself to educate and inform his troublesome factional leaders about the true state of affairs in Delta state, particularly the numerous achievements of this administration in road infrastructure and socioeconomic development, going forward.

“The very essence of multiple party system and opposition politics in constitutional democracy is to craft constructive criticisms from time to time, speak truth to power and genuinely point out defects in governance, such that the party in power can fine tune grey arrears, make amends and provide responsible leadership where necessary, but this is not the case as APC Delta factional and inexperienced Publicist consistently shy away from truth and constructive criticism.

“Imonina failed woefully in his assigned responsibility to provide the needed ingredients of opposition media politics due to lack of visionary leadership in Delta APC bedevilled from the outset by petty squabbles, unending accusations and counter accusations by selfish, self centered and power hungry factional leaders, across board.

“Governor Okowa is not ruffled and shall not be moved by Delta APC trivial statements. He will steadfastly focus on serving the good people of Delta state, drive the Stronger Delta Agenda to a logical conclusion, and proudly handover power to another democratically elected PDP governor in 2023, before taken a step further to settle down for another national assignment simultaneously,” Oghenesivbe assured.

It will be recalled that PDP Chief Publicist in Delta State, Dr Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza, in a statement on Friday 19th February, swiftly responded to APC falsehood on road projects in the state, and stated that;

“We need not remind the factionalized APC in the State that one of the very impressive hallmarks of Governor Okowa’s administration is the hands-on, pragmatic, on-the-spot assessment of all construction work by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa himself and regular follow up assessments by the Ministry of Works team headed by the dynamic James Augoye, to ensure that every project, including the Roads highlighted in the APC statement, is prosecuted and delivered by tried and tested construction firms, in accordance with the very high-quality control standards and specifications demanded by Governor Okowa himself.

“It is indeed a pity that the APC, perhaps because of its fractured nature in the State, has forgotten that it was the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, who nick-named Governor Ifeanyi Okowa the “Road Master” in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in Road construction across the State, especially in the riverine areas, during the commissioning of some of the Roads constructed in those areas by the Okowa administration.

“For the avoidance of doubt and to set the records straight, we must at this juncture, educate and inform the APC once again, of some of the landmark initiatives and achievements which compelled an obviously impressed Vice President to set politics aside and sincerely address Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as the Road Master.

“Across the vast expanse of Delta North, starting from Asaba, the capital city, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has built circles of Roads and mega drainages to address the critical infrastructural deficiency in the zone. With Cable Point Dual Carriageway and several township roads delivered, residents of Asaba now have routes to beat the perennial gridlock of the key access way, the Nnebisi Road.

In addition, a multi-billion naira storm drainage project has saved most residents of the capital city from dangerous flooding. The flood menace in areas like the Federal medical centre axis, Direct Labour DLA, Okpanam Road, Maryam Babangida Way, DBS Road, and Ralph Uwechue Road among others have all been upgraded to the relief of all.

Complimented by the amazing work being done by the Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency (DSCTDA), under the phenomenal energetic and courageous drive of the Director-General, Rt. Hon. Mrs. Joan Onyemaechi Mrakpor, Asaba has transformed majestically and is gradually emerging into the befitting capital city which His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa envisaged, in his desire to bring detailed development to the State capital.

The people of Obomkpa, Issele-Uku, Onicha-Olona, Idumuje-Unor, Ukwu-Nzu, Issele-Mkpitime, Ubulu-Uku, Ubulu-Unor as well as Agbor, which was almost submerged in erosion before Governor Okowa assumed office, and many parts of Aniocha North and South are now enjoying massive infrastructure rejuvenation.

Governor Okowa’s determination to address the infrastructure needs of the Warri axis is best captured by the establishment of the Warri-Uvwie Area and Environs Development Agency (WUEDA), under the astute supervision and administration of Comrade Ovuozuorie Macaulay, with the clear mandate to bring sustainable social infrastructure to the twin cities of Warri and Effurun, the body has since risen to effect a positive change.

Already, Over =N=3billion contracts have been awarded for storm drainages in the Warri-Uvwie metropolis and with the flood control measures in place, the government is poised to undertake expansion and rehabilitation of the long Warri-Effurun-Sapele Road, stretching to Enerhen Junction.

The Ughelli–Asaba dualisation project has witnessed great improvement. The Kwale-Ogume-Obiaruku and Ozoro-Oleh Roads developed by the Okowa administration have brought respite to the people, even as there is a dedicated remediation schedule to ensure the maintenance and rehabilitation of these infrastructures on a regular basis.

Just like the construction of Ekete main Road, off DSC Expressway, rehabilitation of Ekreravwe/Orhoakpor/Isiokolo Road, Abraka Township Roads Phase 1, as well the 8.5km Ughelli-Afiesere-Ofuoma Road in the heart of Delta central have all been captured.

Irri, Oleh, Ozoro, Iyede, Emede, Owhelogbo, Ellu, Ofagbe, Ikpide-Irri all in Isoko North and Isoko South and Ughelli, Amekpa, Afiesere, Ofuoma, Oteri, Abraka, Orerokpe, and several other communities in Delta Central and Delta South all have good stories to tell of Governor Okowa’s footprints in Road construction into their various communities.

“For the Riverine Delta, there are the Main Axial Road and Okerenkoko Township roads Asphalt Overlay of the 19.7km Obutobo 1 –Obutobo11 – Sokebolou – Yokori road; 10.8km Okpare-Umolo-Ovwodokpor-Kiagbodo road among numerous others; A 25.8 kilometers Trans Warri-Ode-Itsekiri bridges and access road project which is under construction, would be ready in this 2021. The story is not different in other riverine communities like Ogulagha, Obotobo, Okerenkoko, Ogidigben, Koko among others.

“From Asaba to Isaba, Akugbeni to Agbor, Okpanam to Okpe, Warri to Irri, Issele Uku to Shekelewu, Idumuje-Unor to Idjerhe, Ogume to Ogulagha, Oleh to Odimodi, Koko to Kokodiagbene, the Okowa administration has made a tremendous impact in urbanization, rural integration and the provision of quality Roads and bridges infrastructure with the construction of hundreds of kilometers of Roads.

“So we are quite disappointed that the factional Delta APC publicists would quite haphazardly and even unconscionably engage in such pedestrian, selective and isolated slander as its defining conclusion of Governor Okowa’s massive infrastructural accomplishments, when indeed there are hundreds of excellent, verifiable kilometres of outstanding quality Roads and bridges all over Delta State, to justify the moniker of “Road Master”, without any ambivalence or equivocation.

“Indeed, under the astute administrative leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the passion for Road infrastructure has become an epoch-defining crusade and true to his name, Ekwueme, the Road Master has restated countless times the importance of Road connectivity to the economic development of the State and that despite the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, governance and infrastructural development of the State would be sustained.

“Governor Okowa has left no one in doubt of his guiding principle that connecting the State with Roads and bridges would ensure the economic growth of communities, even as he has assured Deltans that his administration will be committed to the execution and delivery of people-centred legacy projects.

“One would have expected that the fractured and bruised Delta APC, which has continued to stumble from one crisis of confidence to another, including the recent shameful humiliation of a failed registration and revalidation exercise even of its own members, should be hiding its head in shame and seeking ways to put its house in order, instead of exposing itself to public ridicule by a caretaker publicist, who is neither sure of his facts nor even his own assumed position in a party still battling with a huge identity problem.

“Deltans are no longer deceived by the antics of the APC in whatever faction it presents itself and this latest attempt to cast aspersion on the solid infrastructure reputation of the Governor Okowa administration, has already failed, just like all their inept and kindergarten attempts in the past.

“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has distinguished himself to Deltans as the “Road Master”. The evidence is glaring and incontrovertible and with still a fair bit of time to the end of the administration, the maintenance component which is key to the Okowa administration’s projects delivery strategy, will address and rehabilitate existing roads, while more quality roads and infrastructure will be delivered to Deltans in the unwavering effort to ensure and entrench a stronger and better Delta for Deltans.”

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