Oleh Royal Feud: Stop Disguising Your Occultic Ritual -Son Retorts ***Insist No Apology Left For Monarch

In 2017, when Chief Joe Arausi’s son was jailed in Europe, it was officially reported…………………….

It was drawn to my attention that one local Prince Tony from Oleh made some disparaging comments in an online news publication (THE UNION NIGERIA) about me. It is only right to respond to the allegations now because letting it slide like that may lead some credence into the fictitious claims raised by such a lowlife.


In my entire life, I have never been arrested, detained, or convicted for any crime whatsoever in any country that I have resided in -Nigeria, Australia, United States or others that I have visited. The weighty allegations as levied against me by the illiterate Tony Ovrawah was done out of desperation to mudsling my name in line with the tenets of their Ogboni confraternity to blackmail other individuals with whatever allegation to drive a public negative view upon such persons.


The disgruntled 44-year-old Tony made some comments about me such as “deportee”, “convict” “ex-convict” “rapist” “Yahoo Yahoo” amongst other nonsense he was able to muster for which no single proof was tendered in support of such fallacious rubbish.


It is quite laughable as I have been residing in the abroad for such a long time and gainfully employed in both government and private sectors overseas for years and at no time ever deported nor arrested for any crime. Tony should list the country and crime committed for which his imaginary conviction was hatched or there is no record for such crimes committed?


Nothing is hidden in the western world as far as criminal records are concerned. In 2017, when Chief Joe Arausi’s son, was jailed in Europe, it was officially reported in their media back in Cyprus that Enahoro Arausi’s sentence was increased from 2 years to 4 years after appeal, how come your Imaginary conviction for Victor is nowhere to be found in the western media/news/records? What was the conviction about? Rape, drug addiction, yahoo yahoo, murder, manslaughter, Money Laundering, Traffic offence? Olodo Tony, what was the offence for the conviction? An illiterate liar cannot tell intelligent lies. Your confraternity is known for the replacement of truth with fabricated lies. That’s why you have been parroting these magnitude of lies to turn it to your own truth. If you type as many names as possible of other prominent Isoko men’s children and there is any offence or conviction that their name has been mentioned, the record would definitely show up and their respective crimes displayed too.


Here is the link to the case of Arausi’s son convicted in Europe




Also, the link for Late Chief Austine Itimi – Isoko Plant’s son convicted in America:




Lazy Tony, where is the link to any of your allegations of deportation or rape or whatever nonsense your leprosy infested fingers could type?


Here is the link detailing the arrest, for crime alleged and location of your detention by the police as at the time of reportage by Vanguard Newspaper.




Here is the link for when William returned to Oleh from Exile to beg Oleh people for forgiveness after your case.




No criminal records whatsoever have been entered against my name in any country whatsoever that I have lived. This response to your ludicrous publication would let the general public have an idea of how little-learned you are and as such I don’t have to inform them that not only are you unintelligent but that you also have a criminal past for stealing transformer which you were arrested, and detained for in Nigeria on November 14th 2009 to which you already cheerfully confirmed in your recent publication with the lamentation that “all those who ganged up against me (Tony) have taken their fair share of calamity” -save such lamentations for your Ogboni temple people, not me.


When the worthless Tony was arrested in Oleh by the then D.P.O Hassan Bappah, he was later transferred to the state command police cell in Asaba before he was whisked to the Force Headquarters in Abuja with respect to his alleged involvement in the murder of Isaac Oboma. William Ovrawah who since ran away from his palace after allegedly burning it down to cover up, ran to the palace of the Orodje of Okpe for cover. It was Barrister Christy Usieta (now Magistrate at Sapele) alongside Leonard who helped secure Tony’s bail from Abuja in the presence of ACP Chris Esele of the IGP monitoring unit. These are real events and facts with names and locations tagged accordingly not some spurious allegations as pushed by the perpetual-poverty-inclined Tony without any iota of truth. This is exactly same tactics deployed by Jubilant Igelige, William Ovrawah alongside this irritant called Tony when they attempted to jail Prince Michael Ovrawah on some trumped-up charges of “Cultism & Terrorism” -the case was effectively dismissed due to the lies concocted against an innocent person by these elements of doom and when William was unable to substantiate the fact claimed in one of his fraudulent petitions. (See attached court judgement).



This unintelligible fellow Tony wants me to disclose my current organization by baiting me with some absurd “Yahoo Yahoo” tag so that he can commence inundating my office with these sorts of spurious claims like he did against his own immediate younger brother back at Heritage Oil because of his envy and jealousy.


Hungry prince without any visible source of livelihood always scampering for “wey father own” “wey father own” just like I pointed out to you in Facebook when you hid under the moniker “Joe Excel” and I attached one of those disgraceful pictures of you and Believe Alakri – President General Oleh Community Development Union fighting at Tipper Garrage for “Deve money”. Jubilant Igelige a known grifter who is an emissary of lies could not respond to defend this shameless Tony on his Facebook page, instead, Jubilant quickly locked the comment section in one of his misleading posts. Jubilant, go back and open the comments, so it is possible to attach more verifiable links to facts and not some cooked up nonsense over there so I can further expose the illiterate Tony, a 3rd class product of Delta State University, Abraka.


No immediate family member of mine have any criminal record or mentioning anywhere in relation to whatever conviction whatsoever rather, as admitted by the ragtag Tony in his own publications, he is the only immediate family member of William Ovrawah who has been accused of stealing/vandalism of transformer which led to the murder of one Isaac Oboma (A.K.A Ibori) in November 2009 which led to his arrest and mid-term incarceration in police custody at the force headquarters in Abuja and also led to William Ovrawah burning his own Palace by himself to cover up the crime his son Tony Ovrawah was alleged to have committed (See vanguard publication of November 16, 2009). William Ovrawah fled Oleh community to the palace of the Orodje of Okpe only to return to Oleh when he begged the Isaac Oboma’s family members and Oleh people for forgiveness at the Oleh Civic Centre in 2010 (See vanguard May 5, 2010 publication).


Hey Dullard Tony, I ask again, don’t you have any link or sources to at least buttress one of the allegations you raised in your publication? You are just a tool for misinformation to damage reputations of people who call you out on your hogwash and in this instance no matter what you throw, nothing sticks because my record, both home and abroad is way too clean. Be informed that it is possible to lack blemishes in your record in life if you get proper education, expand your knowledge, thirst for excellence and above all, with God on your side (not Ogboni), you would definitely sail beyond the reach of miscreants like yourself but unfortunately your brain is not able to go through such fundamental processes of attainment of genuine greatness thus your attempt at ridiculing what you would never be able to attain in your pathetic life.


In furtherance to the nonsensical claim that William sold his house in Ikeja to finance a court case for me by the useless Tony Ovrawah, this is beyond ridiculous as William Ovrawah in his entire 85 years of existence has never owned even a one-bedroom house in any part of Lagos, not even Ajegunle, so how was he able to sell any house in the imagination of the spineless Tony to fund any fathom court case as claimed. Which Lawyer did William hire? Which court? Which country? Which jail? Deportation from where and when? Tony is the least intelligent in the family, so it is unsurprising that he is baring his emptiness for the general public in this medium. At least, release the address of the house in Ikeja or the house does not have a verifiable address? Mr. Dropout, the world has advanced beyond where anyone can just sit down and not cite references for claims as you have raised, and you want an idiot or any sane mind to believe you. You should be excited that I have dignified your entire trashy existence with this response.


Other points raised in his publications are just mere ramblings of a local poor illiterate with failed aspirations in his failed sojourn overseas thus the need to chip in unproven/non-existent allegations as many as he could muster. What else do you have to lie about again? You have made allegations about deportation (no proof), ex-convict (no proof), rapist (no proof), Yahoo Yahoo (no proof). Let me assist you with more allegations beyond the rape/yahoo-yahoo/ex-convict/deportee, you can add murderer/manslaughter/traffic violator/terrorism/ money laundering or whatever other crime you think can be weighty enough to throw on someone of my impeccable standings so as to bring them excruciating opprobrium, God forbid.


The shallowness displayed in the publication of Tony the Obafemi Awolowo University dropout as written by Mr. Jubilant Igelige his “Ogboni brother” is nothing but comic relief as he made claims of deportation -when I have since travelled to the U.S.A countless times on several occasion from my base here in Australia and he is still holed up in U.S.A since 2019 and has shamelessly refused to leave the United States for fear of not being let back in. Jubilant, I challenge your poverty-infested Tony Ovrawah to pick a date and fly to Nigeria as quickly as he can to disprove my point that he is currently suffering in America and that he is ashamed of going to Nigeria over fear of non-admittance back to America on a return-leg.


It is advisable for William Ovrawah to forget any hope of receiving apology from us again, in this lifetime or in the next. It is glaring that his demands for apology are not ordinary, he is helping this nefarious Tony disguise their Ogboni rite of ritual as some “ordinary apology”. The truth is long out of the hidden tunnel, thus the Odio-Ologbo should shamefully bury his old head in shame for what he has turned himself into in his old age. Ordinarily, apologising to one’s father should not be this difficult if there is nothing behind it. It is not what people should be going back and forth with within the pages of Newspaper or media if truly such father has any moral justification for demanding such in the face of innumerable drawbacks, he has intentionally caused his immediate family. How is a father that is unable to manage the crisis in his own immediate family, expected to manage the crisis of an entire community as their king? Your guess rightfully aligns with the person next to you.


Ordinarily, these events unfolding in this kingdom is supposedly bringing shame to his kingdom but since the affiliation with the Paripa Ogboni confraternity who are now running the affairs of Oleh, they have so given William the mind that these disgraceful actions of his via his inability to control his own immediate family is something that is not worth stressing about. For far less disgraceful actions or crimes, at different point in time before his recent affiliations with these elements, there has been repeated calls for his dethronement -Arausi did (he lured 14 Traditional Rulers/I.D.U), same dethronement calls made by Mr Jubilant Igelige (see attached), and other past Oleh Community Development Union executives too, clamoured for his dethronement too but now they are all solemnly quiet as per “it is just family matter”. Also, it is quite interesting that the Oleh Council of Chiefs have since distanced themselves from the madness orchestrated and mismanaged by the villainous king William Ovrawah.



Finally, William Ovrawah should know that, as a father, he can never win a war against his children no matter how many attempts he musters. Know this Know peace. Your own father married three wives in his lifetime, there was never a time any lunatic siblings of yours acted unruly by packing your mother or any of the other wives out of the house like this bastard Tony did against our own mother. Any continued attempt by you William Ovrawah to use your now empty throne or crown to humiliate any of my siblings shall be rebuffed and dealt with decisively since you have chosen to tow the dishonourable path in your old age. The Late Queen Eunice Ovrawah, our mother shall receive her final burial rites in due course devoid of your deceptions as disgracefully exhibited twice now by you. First, the agreed April 23rd, 2022, date which you later lied that you were not involved despite you sending Chief Henry Oyibo to represent you at the family meetings. The second time, August 26th, 2022, which you still scuttled despite your undertaking in Abuja. There shall never be a third time. This, I promise.


Salvis Iuribus




Prince Victor Ovrawah.

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