Kefee, Mohbad: Two Stars Gone Too Soon.

By Fred Latimore Esq


Kefee was her stage name, born to the family of Obareki on February 5, 1980 in Sapele. She hails from Okpara Inland in Ethiope East LGA, of Delta State.

Kefee graduated from the University of Benin with a degree in Business Administration. Got a divine calling to be a Gospel Artiste. She started well, had God’s backing and multiple blessings.

Her husband, Alec Godwin and Kefee were my personal friends. They both were guests on two occasions, on my talk show “Holy Ghost Panorama” aired live on Eagle Cable Television in Lagos, between 2008 and 2011. I anchored the show for Eagle TV and Dove Television of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG.

Kefee’s “Branama” album was a masterpiece, divinely inspired and rendered in Urhobo language. The song video was unique, featured traditional dance steps. It was a major breakthrough for her.

Kefee, the Branama Queen, rose from obscurity to limelight, and fame became a huge problem. Satanic agents lured her, talked her into what God did not approve for her career. Things of the world and quest for worldly and unprotected fame caught up with her. The Holy Spirit within her fled, and she became vulnerable to agents of darkness.

Kefee, had issues with her husband Alec, a shy and reserved gentleman, because she needed to join the fast lane of hip up and Afro Beat stars. She had a colabo with Timaya and she felt Alec wasn’t the right man for her, going forward.

I intervened, visited Kefee and her husband at their home in Ikeja, opposite Fela Kuti’s house. But she insisted on parting ways with Alec. All efforts to get her back to Alec failed. I saw pains and regrets all around Alec.

I pacified Alec and advised that he should take the matter to God in prayers. He did, but to no avail. Kefee was determined to move on without Alec, her husband and “Brannama” producer.

Few months later, they parted ways and she went solo, got married to a Radio presenter, Teddy Don Momoh. She joined the fast lane without the Holy Spirit, and neglected her divine root – the narrow way. Of course, the “Broad Way” is with many reward; plenty of money, fame and flamboyant lifestyle, but the end is usually not good.

Kefee, moved to Los Angeles in the United States of America, struggled with strange ailment, died and was buried at her hometown, OKPARA INLAND, in 2014.

Something in me tells me that Kefee would have been here today, if she listened to wise counsel. All that glitters is not gold. She left the firm grip of the Holy Spirit and the serpent struck.

I missed my kid sister, Kefee of OKPARA INLAND. I am maternally from OKPARA and Paternally from KOKORI. I love both sides of my family background.

Gospel artistes who deviated never got better.

Mohbad, started well with his first debut “Imole”, meaning “Light.” He planned to build a Church Cathedral for God, a good plan he had with his biological father, but did not materialize. He was buried in the that same proposed Church piece of land in Ikorodu, near Lagos, at a tender age.

Mohbad, like Kefee, wanted life in the fast lane, joined the moving train of “hard boys” with questionable character, and just like my sister Kefee, he was consumed in the process, because he yielded to worldly fantasies.

Mohbad, like Kefee, would have made it big as a gospel singer, but alas, he joined the wrong camp and died prematurely, painfully and sorrowfully.

Our young boys and girls should learn from the experience, life and time of Kefee and Mohbad.

Vanity upon vanity is vanity. We came with nothing and we shall go back to our maker with nothing.

Lastly, there is no cure to envy and hate. We must prayerfully walk away from the life and presence of our haters and those who envy us with amazing passion, for there is no known cure to these two ailments.

Goodbye Kefee, Goodby Mohbad!



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