COVID-19: Delta APC Charges Okowa To Fix Health Sector

All Progressives Congress (APC), Delta State charges the Governor of Delta State, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa to fix the Health Sector in Delta State before Deltans find themselves in a fix. APC’s call becomes inevitable due to the very poor state of the Sector.

From available information, Government Hospitals are at the verge of total collapse if drastic measures are not put in place to save it. Amongst the numerous factors working against the health sector are but not limited to the following:

(1) Lack of adequate and professionalized manpower to man the Sector. Most of the General Hospitals do not have capable and adequate hands to handle the health related issues that confront Deltans on a daily basis. A visit to General Hospital, Ozoro, Ofagbe, Otor-Udu, Otu-Jeremi and others will convince any doubting “Thomas” of the very poor state.

(2) Abandonment of the provision of drugs and other basic facilities to the State owned hospitals. As a result, most patients are referred to private pharmacies to purchase prescription drugs, thereby putting Deltans at the risk of buying fake and adulterated drugs.

(3) Information at our disposal suggest that most medical Doctors in our state owned hospitals are disinterested in their work and some are even afraid of attending to Deltans who have health related issues. The is not unrelated to the Covid-19 pandemic, inadequate personal protective equipments (PPE), poor or no motivation to health workers particularly medical Doctors. One cannot expect any one to risk his life for another without taking steps to protect himself.

(4) Knowledge of the existence of Delta State Health Insurance Scheme by Deltans is zero. Because of the lack of awareness by the populace, the need to key into it and make effective use of the scheme is non existent.

Available statistics show that billions of Naira find their way to the State Government coffers on a monthly basis because of the deduction of workers salaries in respect of the Scheme. From our findings, less than twenty (20%) percent of the civil servants in Delta State make use of the scheme.

The question that is now begging for answer is that what happens to the unused monies accruing from the deduction in respect of the scheme? Your guess is as good as the one of most discerning minds!

Because of the poor state of our health sector (Government Hospitals), most Deltans prefer patronizing quacks for health related issues.

There has been reports in recent times pertaining to serious complications and deaths arising from child birth as a result of the lack of expert medical services and this has become very worrisome. This no doubt shows Government ineptitude and lack of interest in the well-being of Deltans.

The use of concoction (“agbo”/herbs) as an alternative to treatment of health related issues is on the increase in the State because of this ineptitude of government which has become very shameful and embarrassing.

Delta APC calls on the Governor to immediately put the Commissioner for Health and those in charge of Delta State Hospitals Management Board on their toes. To many Deltans, they are guilty of dereliction of their duties. They are obviously not doing enough in the Health Sector.

On or about two weeks ago, there was a serious disagreement between the leadership of Nurses and Midwives in Delta State because of the Commissioner’s anti labour policy. Report has it that the issue is still simmering till date and to every discerning mind, this clearly shows that the Commissioner for Health does not realise the enormity of the responsibilities of his office!

There is a saying that “health is wealth”. Therefore, We call on the Governor of Delta State to do the needful in ensuring that Deltans get adequate and proper healthcare. The sorry and poor state of our health institutions cannot continue. A stitch in time saves nine.

Sylvester Imonina, Esq.,
Publicity Secretary, APC, Delta State.

23rd June, 2020

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